I don’t exactly know what a strong person looks like. I don’t know how they act, don’t know how they deal with their complicated lives. Am I even one of them? Am I strong in my case right now?

I’m just a creep. People would always describe me as the girl who is fragile. They think I crumble so easily like a pastry. I learned to distant myself from the people around me, I learned that I should not let myself get attached to anyone, and that’s when they started calling me numb, heartless, insensitive. I was satisfied when I graduated and did not even feel a single ache in my heart. I did not cry, for I knew there’s nothing to be sad about, of course I know there is, but I don’t quite feel like my emotions are working. It didn’t, really. i don’t even know why. But all of a sudden, I was certain that it’s because of too much tears I used to pour every night. That was back then. I found out that tears won’t change my tragic life.

"You tend to distance yourself from others because you feel that they’re going to leave anyway."

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